POWERUP Challenge #3 Fearless Failure

POWERUP Challenge #3 Fearless Failure

POWERUP Fearless Failure Challenge

From January 1st to February 1st, we invite our flying aces to join the Fearless Failure challenge. We’re giving away 3 POWERUP X FPV prizes for each airplane category: 2.03.0 & DART, and X FPV. You can even get creative and try out new designs for you airplane model. Do you have what it takes to rise above the competition and achieve the best video out there? There’s only one way to find out!

Once you’ve recorded your video, follow these instructions

Flight Deck users:

  • If you’re not already registered, head to the Flight Deck to sign up now.
Signup or Login
    • From the Flight Deck menu on the top right corner of the screen, click Explore + Share.
      • Add a YouTube video link to Flightdeck (Or a file that must be under 5 minutes in length)

        Upload media - YouTube or File

        • Make sure to write Challenge #2 + mention your plane model under the title option to enter your design into the competition.

        • Click Submit and find out if you’ll rise to the top of the competition!

        challenge 2 how to submit your project

        • Share your video via Facebook, Pinterest, Twitter, and email to show your friends. There will be an option once your entry is published on the Flight Deck.


          The POWERUP Pilots with the most inspiring flight video in each category will receive

          POWERUP X FPV kit (valued at $139.99)

          Check Gianluigi Bo inspiring video:



          Frequently Asked Questions

          Q.What are the exact deadlines of the competition?
          A. The POWERUP Fearless Failure Challenge will run from January 1st 00:00 EST until 23:59 EST on February, 01

          Q.What is this POWERUP challenge?

          A. In this challenge, participants compete for the most inspiring flight video for each airplane category: 2.0, 3.0 & DART, and X FPV. Winners in the three separate categories will each receive a prize.

          Q.What do I need to compete?

          A. All submissions must include video proof from launch until landing. We will disqualify any videos submitted with editing.

          Q.How do I record the video?

          A. For airplane models 2.03.0, and DART, make sure to bring a friend along to record your launch and flight duration.

          Q.Do you have any tips?

          A. Make the most of your submission with a few of these helpful tips from us:

          • Try not to fly on a windy day
          • Make sure you have charged your planes
          • Get creative and try out new designs to get planes to fly longer. Don’t forget to share your new design projects with us!
          • Remember to adjust and trim.

          Any other questions, please feel free to contact us at via email our squad at: