Longest Flight Challenge 2021

Longest Flight Challenge 2021

What is this challenge?

Every year, flight lovers around the globe celebrate the the monumental achievement of the Wright Brothers who successfully achieved flights heavier than air, with a mechanically propelled airplane. On December 17, 1903, near Kitty Hawk North Carolina, Orville and Wilber made their first successful attempt taking off with the Wright Flyer aircraft achieving the worlds first a flight record of 12 seconds and flying over a 120 feet distance.

To celebrate their achievement, we are announcing a new flight challenge utilizing our POWERUP kits - THE LONGEST FLIGHT DURATION CHALLENGE

Deadline update - The official start day of the contest is  October 17 2021 and ending 2 months later on December 17, which is the National Wright Brothers day.  Deadline Extended to January 17 2022

What are the prizes?

  • Grand Prize: Any POWERUP bundle of your choice - ( up to $234 value) 
  • Second place winner: Any POWERUP plane kit of your choice - ( up ton $123 value)
  • Third place winner: 3 accessories of your choice - ( up to $50 value)

    How to submit your flight record:

    We will host a LIVE FB launch event presenting the challenge on October 17th this will include also an open Q&A session.

    Submission Via Facebook -  deadline update

    Submissions should be posted on the official POWERUP Facebook group POWERUP YOUR FUN  by January 17 2022
    1. Post a photo + name of your plane 
    2. Post a proof of your flight duration - either by using a screenshot image of your flight log as shown below (this is relevant only for POWERUP 4.0). Or a continues not edited flight video.
    3. Please add the hashtag #wrightbrotherschallenge 

      Submission via email

      If you are not able to join our Facebook group, you can send your submission to

       PLEASE do not send videos via email for us to download — such submissions will be rejected. Only video links viewable on the internet will be accepted.

      How will we choose the winners?

      Winners will be decided based on proof of longest flight duration. We will be watching submission on our FB group page and challenge event during the window of submission between October 17th to the deadline of December 17th. (Extended deadline to January 17 2022)

      Shai will begin reviewing the submissions including  email submissions on January 18th 2022, and winners will be announced on a January 25 Vlog special. 

      Rules for Entry:

      1. All POWERUP kits are eligible to participate (also legacy kits POWERUP 2.0, 3.0 Dart and FPV) 

      2 - You must be the official pilot of of your flight duration submission. We will remove out any submissions that violate this rule. 
      3. Airplane designs can be new/original or existing designs that have already been published on our site or the internet.

      4. Materials and production methods - these are open ended, you can use any material or method you like (paper, foam balsa carbon etc.. 3D printing hot glue you name it..)

      5. Complementary power source - the plane shall include only one POWERUP kit using its own internal battery and without any external propulsion or power sources. Propellers shall not be altered or replaced, only original props provided with the kit are eligible.

      6. An individual may submit no more than one flight record to this challenge.
      7. Individuals under the age of 18 must receive parental consent before entering the contest.
      8. Submissions must be made by midnight PST October, 2021.  

      Frequently Asked Questions:

      Q: Is this contest for paper planes only, or can the planes use other materials and crafting methods?
      A: You're free to submit designs and flights that incorporate any material you choose.

      Legal Notice:

      By entering this contest, the entrant grants to POWERUP TOYS the right to create video content depicting the entrant's airplane design, its creation, and its flight capability, as well as any other information or content that could be construed to be the intellectual property of the entrant, and to promote this content on the Internet. POWERUP TOYS agrees that it will not publish the entrant's content on any platform other than YouTube without the express permission of the entrant.
      By entering this challenge, the entrant grants POWERUP TOYS the right to mention the provided Name of Designer/PILOT in any materials related to the contest, including, but not limited to, the contest videos.