Challenge #1 2021 - and the winners are......

Challenge #1 2021 -  and the winners are......

Last December we announced our first Challenge for 2021 using our new POWERUP 4.0.

A quick reminder:  

Submission criteria was to post a video or photo showing your creation or flying capability with the POWERUP 4.0. 2 months later we have an overwhelming list of awesome submissions and winners!

So how did we (Kyle and Shai) chose the winners?

This was not a simple task because the submissions just blew our mind. Young kids, teens and adults, from all around the world put their creativity in action and the results are just great.

Kyle and Shai chose separately their favorite submissions based on the criteria below and then came to a consensus as to who will win first second and third places:

  1. Ambition and effort
  2. Video quality (for those who posted videos)
  3. Design aesthetics
  4. Complexity
  5. Added value 

So without further ado, here are the results:

GRAND PRIZE - (POWERUP 4.0 Ultimate Bundle)

  • Ewen Sibley

2nd PLACE PRIZE - (Night Flight Kit plus POWERUP Book) 3 winners:

  • Sam Presta 
  • Ellis Family
  • Douglas Anderson

3rd PLACE PRIZE - (POWERUP Paper Airplane Book) 10 winners:

  • Alan Van meter
  • Ben & Markus gerloff
  • C.Everest
  • James Copple 
  • Logan P.
  • Maxwell Worthington
  • The TBC Flyer 
  • TBLinus
  • Tobann Bionda
  • Jovan Dimitrovski

* if your name is in one of these lists above, please check your inbox for an email from us regarding shipping of your prize.

Thanks everyone for participating and if you did not win, hey, there is another new POWERUP challenge coming up very soon.