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Attach POWERUP to your design (or one of our models) then head outside on a calm, clear day and fly.

New to POWERUP or powered flight? Want something that’s fun and easy? Start with the 4.0 - our most powerful (and user-friendly) model yet.

Built for pilots, engineers, flight lovers and anyone who enjoys a challenge by people who love flying.

Before there were smartphones, drones, or remote controlled planes, we had paper. And paper meant paper planes. This was the original distraction - a creative outlet - for the children and adults who dreamed of flying. But technology left the paper plane behind.

One day Shai - our CEO and an ex-cargo pilot - was teaching students about the principles of aerodynamics. Something wasn’t clicking. He was struggling to find a way to show them how flight really worked.

He needed to put a plane in their hands. But not a real one. Or an expensive one. Whatever this was, it had to be durable and flexible. Something people could experience for themselves. That’s the day technology and the paper plane joined forces and the POWERUP propeller was born.

With POWERUP, anyone could test and experience the principles of flight. (Or just relive their childhood.) But this was just the beginning… to turn POWERUP from an idea into a real product, Shai needed help. That’s how the first Kickstarter campaign was born...