Drumroll....Announcing POWERUP Challenge 2021

Drumroll....Announcing POWERUP Challenge 2021

What is this challenge?

People around the world are exploring flight with the POWERUP 4.0 Smartphone controlled paper plane. Now it is your turn to take the challenge - all you need to do is submit a video or photo showing your creation or flying capability with the POWERUP 4.0.


What are the prizes?

Grand Prize: a POWERUP 4.0 Ultimate bundle
2X Second place winners: a POWERUP 4.0 night flight kit and book bundle
10X Third place winners: a POWERUP Paper Airplane Book

After the announcement of the winners, we will publish a video compilation of all winning submissions.


How to submit your videos and photos:

Submissions should be sent by email to by February 28th  2021.
Each submission should include all information listed below:
1. Name of Plane (If you are submitting a design) 
2. Name of Pilot or Designer (that's you) as you would like for it to appear in the videos.
3. A link to a video or photo of the plane. Submitted videos must be viewable on the internet. PLEASE do not send videos for us to download — such submissions will be rejected. 


How will we choose the winners?

We decided to keep the challenge criteria as open ended as possible. This leaves you with the freedom to blow our minds with a crazy flight or design. It’s up to your imagination! Winners will be decided based on how far our jaws drop when reviewing each entry.Kyle and Shai will begin reviewing the submissions on February 28th (new extended deadline) and winners will be announced on a March 13 Vlog special. Watch the contest announcement here:

After listening to community feedback, we've decided to extend the original date of February 1 deadline for submissions to the POWERUP Challenge 2021. Finding time to fly during the winter is tough, so we're giving you an extra month to submit your best flights and coolest creations.


Rules for Entry:

1. You must be the original creator of any airplane design or any flight video you submit. We will remove out any submissions that violate this rule. 
2. Designs and flights that you have already published on the internet CAN be submitted to the challenge.
2. An individual may submit no more than three (3) designs and or flight videos to this challenge.
3. Individuals under the age of 18 must receive parental consent before entering the contest.
4. Submissions must be made by 8pm EST February 28, 2021.  


Frequently Asked Questions:

Q: Will the video or photo I send you be made public in any way?
A: All data you send will be kept private and not be published with the exception of the following: winners names, videos, and photos may be shared via our Vlog and social media channels. 
Q: Is this contest for paper planes only, or can the planes use other materials and crafting methods?
A: You're free to submit designs and flights that incorporate any material you choose.


Legal Notice:

By entering this contest, the entrant grants to POWERUP TOYS the right to create video content depicting the entrant's airplane design, its creation, and its flight capability, as well as any other information or content that could be construed to be the intellectual property of the entrant, and to promote this content on the Internet. POWERUP TOYS agrees that it will not publish the entrant's content on any platform other than YouTube without the express permission of the entrant.
By entering this challenge, the entrant grants POWERUP TOYS the right to mention the provided Name of Designer/PILOT in any materials related to the contest, including, but not limited to, the contest videos.