POWERUP Challenge #1

POWERUP Challenge #1

Ready to Complete Your Mission?

Entering the POWERUP Family Fleet Design Challenge is easy! Simply create and decorate any model POWERUP Paper Plane, then upload a photo of your design to the Flight Deck. The planes with the most likes (❤️) will win awesome prizes from POWERUP!

Once you’ve finished your design, simply follow these instructions:

1. If you’re not already registered, head to the Flight Deck to sign up now.
2. From the Flight Deck menu on the top right corner of the screen, click Explore + Share.

Explore and share

3. Upload an image (dimensions: 800x800 pixels) of your paper plane, title your design and provide a short description - use your imagination, tell us what inspired you!

4. Be sure to write Challenge #1 under the Title option to enter your design into the competition.

5. Fill out a description of how the design was created or what inspired you.
6. Click Submit and your paper plane will soar off to join the squadron!

7. Share your entry via Facebook, Pinterest, Twitter, and email to get more votes. There will be an option once your entry is published on the Flight Deck.

Designs will be voted on from April 18th until May 17th and winners will be announced May 18th. The POWERUP Paper Planes with the most likes will receive:

Grand Prize: a POWERUP FPV!
Second place: a POWERUP 3.0 dogfight kit (that’s two 3.0 kits)!
Five third place winners: a POWERUP 2.0 kits

May the creative forces be with you on your mission - we can’t wait to see your fleet’s design!









Q.What are the exact deadlines of the competition?
A. The POWERUP Family Fleet Design Challenge will run from April 18th 00:00 EST until 23:59 EST on May 17th.
Q. Who is eligible for the competition?
A. The mission is open to any citizen of the world. Children under the age of 18 need parental approval to create an account and upload their submissions.

Q.How are the winners selected?
A. Winners will be selected by the number of likes (💗) on their entry in the Flight Deck. The Grand Prize will be offered to the entry with the most likes, Second Place the second most likes and the next 5 most popular designs will be the Third Place Winners.

Q. What materials can I use to create my plane?
A. The core of your POWERUP plane must be made of paper! However, you can use glue, tape, scissors and other additional craft materials to assemble your plane as needed.

Q. Are there any design limitations?
A. No! The world of paper-plane making is your oyster! If you need some inspiration visit our templates page here.

Q. Who can vote on the design entries?
A. Anyone can vote but they must make an account on the Flight Deck first, it’s free and easy | yes, that includes contestants!
Q. How many votes does each person get?
A. You can vote on as many of your favorite designs as you’d like, but it’s one like per design.

Q. How and when will the winners be announced?
A. Winners will be announced via email on May 18th. 

Q. How can winners claim their prize?
A. Once the winners have been announced, they will be contacted directly through the contact information they used to create their account.
Q.How many prizes can I win?
A. There is a one prize maximum, per person.
Q. Where and when will I see my submission after uploading?
A. All submissions are subject to approval from the POWERUP team. Once approved, you can find your submission in either the Projects or Media section of the Flight Deck Dashboard.
Q. Can I change my submission once uploaded?
A. Once uploaded, submissions are final and edits will not be accepted.

Q. How many designs can I submit?
A.You can submit as many designs as you’d like! If you have more than one winning entry, only your top design will be chosen for a prize, and the other prize(s) will be passed on to the next best design.

Any other questions, please feel free to contact us at via email our squad at: