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POWERUP 4.0: The First Flight

Take control of the most advanced and user-friendly propeller on the market - 4.0

✔ Enjoy up to 10 minutes of flight time.

✔ Control your flight through your smartphone.

✔ Fly anytime. With its sophisticated onboard computer and auto-stabilizers, the 4.0 can fly in imperfect weather.

✔ Go beyond paper. POWERUP light balsa wood planes or test out our Jet foam fighter.

✔ Works well with a wide variety of planes. Even if your folds aren’t perfect.

✔ Great for beginners and flight hobbyists who can’t wait to fly.

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Brazil Brazil
I recommend this product
Great fun

I've been making paper planes since childhood so this product was a must have. Never thought I'd actually be able to power my planes! Control is intuitive, but flying something isn't easy so it takes some practice. Would definitely recommend.

United Kingdom United Kingdom
I recommend this product
Amazing toy

I've bought powerup4 for my son for Christmas present. This toy is amazing. It gives children the understanding of the physics of flying in a very joyful way. It's the combination of building a paper plane with detailed and simple instructions followed by making the plane flight ready, doing your test flights and then optimizing your plane to improve your flight and finally making your incredible flights. This product is very user friendly and gets your children outdoors. I would highly recommend this toy to kids and adults! especially if you are into remote controlled toys. The customer service gives a first class service as well


Wow Turul. Thank you so much for the awesome review!

Umesh K.
United Arab Emirates United Arab Emirates
I recommend this product
Great jumpstart for kids to get into RC flying and to get creative!

I backed this item from Kickstarter and was really excited to have received it. I ordered 2 sets for my kids to use as we are all staying at home during the pandemic and wanted something to occupy their minds and in that Powerup 4.0 did not disappoint. My kids were super excited to try out the various plane types and fly them. They also tried their own designs to varying success. There is a bit of a learning curve but it was a good way to show them how simple aerodynamics works and talk about different items like how the center of gravity can also affect how an airplane will behave. My kids now spend hours planning new designs and waiting for when they could try it out in their next outing. Fair warning though; the Powerup 4.0 is a toy and not a hobbyist RC plane (which I fly) so it would not be fair to compare those together. You get a reasonable level of control on your paper plane but you should not expect the same control you would from even a simple 3ch RC plane. Also given that the paper planes are very light, its best to fly them in large open spaces where there isn't much wind. Quite happy with the purchase as my kids loved it and looking forward to backing Powerup 5.0 when it comes out, hopefully with some elevator controls!

Kenneth D.
United States United States
I recommend this product
3 generations having fun

For Christmas bought one for each of my two sons, grandfather and myself. We all had fun folding and assembling our planes. Some followed directions, others went their own way. Then out for first flight at local baseball field. It works!! works well for those that followed the directions. Now we're folding more advanced planes.


Hi Kenneth Thank you so much for sharing your experience, so awesome tha all generation can play and learn something together. Would love to see your next creations!

Jordan S.
United States United States
I recommend this product
Tons of fun

Bought this for my son for Christmas. He loved folding the plane and was able to fly it pretty well. I also had fun flying it. Customer service was top notch. We had originally purchased the 3.0 and had some issues and customer service took care of right away.

Have questions about the 4.0? We’ve got the answers.

The POWERUP 4.0 is a propeller module, power source and flight computer that makes paper planes capable of independent flight. You can add it to any paper, light balsa wood or foam plane. To control the plane, download the POWERUP 4.0 app for iOS or Android.

The POWERUP is perfect for anyone who’s dreamed of flying. The onboard flight computer and autopilot control flight quality, making it easy to fly a variety of designs.

Very. Tilt your phone left or right to control which way you turn or use the tuning setting in the app to get extra control over your flight.

Yes. As long as it weighs under 20 grams. While its predecessors (the 3.0 and the 2.0) worked best with very precisely folded planes, the 4.0 is powerful enough to fly all kinds of models. We even tested it on a plane made of lettuce leaves… and it worked.

We support any iOS or Android device that has Bluetooth 4.0 and a gyro. 

The POWERUP 4.0 has a range of 240 feet. If you go beyond that, the app will lose communication with the bluetooth chip in the propeller and your plane will land. 

Thanks to the onboard flight computer and stabilizers, you can use the 4.0 in less-than-perfect weather. If you’re flying a paper plane, it’s still best to avoid rainy days though. And for the smoothest flights, aim for clear, sunny, calm days. 

It depends. The POWERUP 4.0 may be a super successful gift if you’re giving it to someone who loves  making paper airplanes, loves creating things and loves flying. The 4.0 is also a great starter gift for anyone looking to get into RC flight. 

Yes. You can use the 4.0 to give your kids a strong foundation in aeronautics. Crafting a plane from a sheet of paper, adjusting it for a perfect glide and controlling it, provides a challenging yet fulfilling educational experience. And thanks to the extra thrust in the 4.0, you can encourage students to design foam and balsa wood planes and put them to the test too. 

We designed the POWERUP module to survive most crashes. It’s made with durable carbon fiber rods and polypropylene plastic. The bumper is made with rubber. Still though… no machine is unbreakable. If you run your plane into a wall - repeatedly - your POWERUP may sustain some damage. That’s why we recommend trying to land on something soft - like the grass in your local park. 

The POWERUP 4.0 is our most advanced version to date. If you want the easiest flying experience that works out the box, the 4.0 is perfect. If you like a challenge - and love tinkering with things until they work - the 3.0 may give you just the right level of stimulation. And if you just want to fly a paper plane without using your phone, then the 2.0 could be the one for you. 

No. The FAA only requires registration for drones that weigh 0.5 lb/ 250 grams or more.The POWERUP 4.0 weighs less than 19 grams. 

You can return an unused product within 30 days of purchase. 

We provide a full 1 year warranty on all parts except for the propellers and batteries. Our battery warranty lasts for 6 months from order. 

28 reviews