Frequently asked questions

PowerUp 3.0 FAQ


Important Flying Tips:

  • Verify that the unit is fully charged. 
  • Make sure you have a proper paper airplane that flies well on it's own. We suggest starting with the Invader model, which is the easiest to fly.
  • Fly on a windless day at a large grassy field without trees.
  • Follow the tips from the user guide book on pages 20-21. 
  • You can add scotch tape on the rear to prevent the beam from lifting.

These videos should answer most of the common PowerUp 3.0 questions:

Tutorial #1 Unboxing 
Tutorial #2 Charging 
Tutorial #3 Folding 
Tutorial #4 The App 
Tutorial #5 Flight prep 
Tutorial #6 Adjusting 
Tutorial #7 Flight planning 
Tutorial #8 Trouble shooting 
Tutorial #9 Tips 

Which smartphones and tablets will work with my PowerUp 3.0? 

PowerUp 3.0 works on most iOS and Android devices, click HERE for the full list of compatible devices. 


Why doesn’t my phone connect to the PowerUp 3.0?

  • Make sure your PowerUp 3.0 smart module is turned to the ON position. (Look for the tiny switch located above the micro-USB port.)

  • Make sure your phone’s Bluetooth is turned on.

  • Try holding your phone even closer to the paper airplane. We call it Touch&Go!

  • Turn off your phone’s Wifi.

  • If it still hasn’t connected, make sure no one else has already connected to your PoweUp 3.0. If the LED light blinks twice every second, it means it is already connected to another phone. Turn the module off and on again, and try connecting again.
  • If it still does not work, your phone might not have Bluetooth Smart technology.


What do the different blinking patterns of the LED represent? 

  • Two short blinks (repeating): The PowerUp 3.0 is connected to your phone, and is ready to fly. 

  • Slow blinking: The PowerUp 3.0 is turned on and waiting for you to connect. 

  • Fast blinking: The battery is being charged (only when on/off button is in the ON position). Blinking in the off position will not indicate charging of battery. 

  • Very fast blinking: The firmware is being updated to the latest version. 

How do I know the battery level?

You can check the battery level by opening the app and connecting to the module. The FUEL gauge shows the approximate battery level. When the battery is charging (on/off switch in the ON position and micro USB connected), the LED will blink fast. When the charging is finished, the LED will blink slowly again.


My PowerUp 3.0 is not charging.

  • Make sure the module is turned ON while charging! Otherwise the battery cannot be charged.

  • Try changing the charging adapter you are using.

  • If you are charging via a USB port on your computer or laptop, switch to a different port. Some ports may be in stand-by mode and do not supply enough power.

  • Make sure you are using the original cable. If this does not work, try using another cable.


I forgot to turn off my PowerUp 3.0 and it won’t turn on (Fully discharged).

There’s nothing to worry about. Just turn the module ON/OFF button to the ON position, connect the charging cable and fully charge the plane until the LED is flashing slower again. Your PowerUp 3.0 will be ready for its next flight!


What happens if I receive a call during flight?

You can still keep flying although the call screen appears. Just land your plane and answer the call or simply call back later. 


Should the thin carbon rod point up when module is assembled onto the paper airplane? 

The carbon rod should be flat and aligned to the airplane wing surface positioned along the central V groove of the airplane. If the rod is sticking up, try pushing it down or applying a thin tape to hold it in place.


Is the PowerUp 3.0 durable? 

PowerUp 3.0 is made with durable materials to sustain crashes, but there are ways to ensure your module avoids damage. We recommend always flying on soft surfaces like grass. Flying and crashing the PowerUp 3.0 on hard surfaces like tarmac may eventually damage the unit. Applying a thin tape on the rear of the module to secure it in the V-groove will help protect the module from damage over time. And if your paper airplane is deformed, you can always fold a new design easily. 


Can you fly PowerUp 3.0 in windy conditions? 

For the best experience, choose a non-windy day, or a large closed space like a gym. If you must fly on a windy day, choose a location without obstacles. When wind passes obstacles, it creates turbulence, which could have unexpected effects on the PowerUp 3.0.


PowerUp 2.0 FAQ

What is the difference between PowerUp 2.0 and PowerUp 3.0?

PowerUp 2.0 will convert you paper airplane into a Free Flight electric paper airplane.

PowerUp 3.0 is our recently unveiled smartphone control module which will convert you homemade paper airplane to a controllable  paper airplane. 

How do I get over 30 seconds of flight time?

As mom and dad always say… Practice makes perfect! If you’re a pro at throwing paper planes, the PowerUp should only amplify your skills. If you’ve never learned to properly throw a paper plane, however, it may take a little practice. Always remember, your plane should be able to fly well on its own before adding the PowerUp module, so if you’re new to flying paper planes, practice throwing one on its own first. For help, watch this video [link, optional]. Once you’ve mastered that, test out different wing sizes and airplane designs to see what works best for you. It’s the little adjustments that make all the difference!


Can I try the PowerUp module on different paper airplane styles, or only the design provided in the instructions?

At PowerUp, we strongly encourage experimentation, and part of the fun is tweaking your airplane designs to achieve the best results. You can check out some recommended styles in our Download gallery [link], or create original designs and share your success with us on Facebook [link]! Keep in mind that not every style of paper plane works with the PowerUp module – the plane cannot exceed 8 inches in length, and there must be a crease down the center to attach your PowerUp module. And of course, PowerUp can only enhance your paper plane’s capabilities if it is able to fly well on its own.


How durable is the PowerUp? Is it waterproof?

The PowerUp module is made of a highly durable carbon fiber composite, so it will not break with normal use. But that does not mean it is indestructible! Make sure to fly in open fields to avoid crashing into trees, concrete, or anything potentially damaging. The PowerUp is not waterproof… but neither are paper planes!


How many charges can I get out of one set of batteries?

One set of batteries will provide over fifty fully charged flights, but you must wait two minutes in between charges. Never use old or rechargeable batteries.


Does the PowerUp kit include paper planes?

Yes! the new PowerUp 2.0  kits include a paper 2 special paper templates specially designed for easy flight. The basic PowerUp kit includes also instructions on how to create a simple paper plane ideal for the PowerUp module.