POWERUP 2.0 wins NAPPA parenting ward

POWERUP 2.0 wins NAPPA parenting ward

POWERUP Toys 2.0 Free Flight Electric Paper Airplane Conversion Kit

POWERUP Toys is taking paper airplanes to new heights with the POWERUP 2.0 Free Flight.The powered propeller transforms your paper airplane into a soaring electric aircraft with more than 30 seconds of flight. It’s as easy as folding a paper airplane, clipping on the propeller, and launching it into the air – just like a normal paper airplane.

Evaluation comments:

“My kids really enjoyed the idea of a paper plane being battery powered. They kept cheering and saying we are “gassing up” in reference to charging their plane. They also appreciated seeing how far it could go and how long it could stay in the air. This activity was done in the house, but I imagine flying it outside would make for even more paper plane stunts and feats.”

“Classic feel of a paper airplane paired with the technological feel of a motorized propeller and toy”

“My husband and I even took a turn flying the plane.”

Suggested Retail: $19.99 
For Ages: 8+