FPV - A Pilot Seat for Everyone

FPV - A Pilot Seat for Everyone

The Power of a First Person View

Which child hasn’t dreamed of soaring the skies, spending time in space, and seeing the world from above? At one point in time, we were all that child. Now, thanks to the innovative and creative minds at POWERUP Toys, we’re being given the chance to step into a cockpit of our own. Enter the POWERUP FPV - First Person View: a kit that transforms standard paper airplanes into smartphone-operated, remote-controlled, camera-fitted flying machines! Okay, wait, what - how is that even possible?

The Power of Flight in your Palm

The creators at POWERUP Toys have been building practically indestructible smart paper airplanes for some years, but they wanted to take things up a notch. Why limit ourselves to controlling a plane and watching it from below…? With the FPV, there’s a live-streaming camera affixed to your paper plane, so you truly can control your flight from the pilot’s seat. We’ve managed to make the FPV as strong as the last models and even smarter - need to navigate through windy weather? It’s on!

The Power of Minds at Play

While understanding the concept of the POWERUP FPV may be easy enough, getting one to fly can have it’s hurdles. Paper plane makers will have to experiment with models and materials in order to find the most optimal design for flight. Want a plane that flies faster or one that’s more energy efficient? You’ll have to play around for an answer... After all, this STEM toy wouldn’t have won the CES Innovation Award 2017 if it wastoo easy!

The Power of POWERUP Toys

The POWERUP FPV is for thinkers and makers, movers and shakers. Use their kits to create something of your own - something outrageous, something fun, something that puts your imagination to use and takes your dreams past the sky, into space, to infinity and, maybe even, beyond.

Are you ready to jump into the cockpit?

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