How to fold an Electric Paper Airplane

Here in the PowerUp Lab we are developing products and educational kits by integrating Origami and Technology. We decided to open our lab door to our PowerUp community and share our dilemmas and hear your opinion.Yes you can truly engage with us and influence how products are made.

This time we want to get your opinion regarding our new PowerUp Class Room Kit that we are developing for STEM science teachers. For the class kit we have developed an instruction sheet and folding airplane template based on the Nakamuru lock design, the purpose of this design is to provide a perfectly balanced airplane with great performance for the beginner flier of the PowerUp system. We really want the students and teachers to have a positive learning experience. 

Download the instructions and template here:

This template uses a different approach from other templates you have seen of paper airplanes.
Print it out and test it. If you have the PowerUp 2.0 tell us how it worked for you with this template.
We want to learn fro you and improve.
Thank you

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Matt Vercher

I really need this for my stem activity.

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