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Electric Paper Airplane flying tips

June 26, 2012

Learn how to fly your PowerUp - Electric paper airplane.

PowerUp pilots – I would like to personally congratulate you for getting the Electric Paper Airplane Conversion Kit – this is truly an amazing and fun gift. Before you rip the box open and run out to fly, slow down…. here are a few steps you should take in order make this a memorable experience. View all of the videos. The more you learn prior to flying, the better chance you will have an amazing experience.

A few tips for starters:

Always fly outdoors at a park or field with a soft grassy surface. This eliminates the risk of damage or losing your PowerUp, I warned you…
Weather conditions should be dry, wind calm. Always launch heading into the wind.
Your first paper airplane should be the Nakamuru- lock, See below. It is easy to fold and flies very well. After you get the hang of it, start improvising.... And don't forget to share your experience on our page.

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