Toy trends in 2014 - PowerUp 3.0 is in the spotlight.

Toy trends in 2014 -  PowerUp 3.0 is in the spotlight.

2014 Toy Trends

It is an exciting time for PowerUp right now, especially given the latest trends in retail. Following the two biggest toy conventions in the world – Nuremburg and NYC – several trends have arisen in the tech and toy industries that truly make PowerUp a bull’s-eye in today’s market. Here are some that have us super excited to introduce PowerUp 3.0 this summer:

1) STEAM (science, tech, engineering, art, math): Educational toys are have been on the rise for years, where kids can have fun while intuitively learning about arts and sciences. PowerUp’s trial-and-error approach to meshing origami and physics incorporates all the components of STEAM. We are happy to say that PowerUp 2.0 is already being utilized by teachers around the world, and we can’t wait to one day see PowerUp 3.0 make its way into classrooms!

2) “Retromania”: Parents fondly remember the toys of their youth, and it’s always rewarding to see your children enjoy these activities as much as you did. PowerUp brings paper airplanes back to the mainstream by introducing the age-old tradition to children who may be more captivated by smartphone apps than old school treasure maps.

3) DIY: Giving kids the opportunity to build and customize their own toys has been a growing market. PowerUp takes this to the next level, allowing kids to test endless paper airplane designs and not only decide which is their favorite, but which performs the best.

4) Remote-Controlled Vehicles: RC is ramping into high gear this year, and PowerUp 3.0 is joining the club. There’s a sub-trend here that we are also proud to be part of, which is utilizing Bluetooth technology to bring the RC trend to smartphones.

Source: Toy Trends of 2014PowerUp 2.0 spotted by the Toy Industry Association’s Trends Team (minute 14.38)