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POWERUP 3.0: Doubles kit

Fly with friends or fly non-stop, charging one while you fly the other!

✔ Includes two POWERUP 3.0 kit

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    Giuseppe M.
    Amazing, amusing, instructive

    I enjoied flying and modifying the features based on thé aérodynamic principles clearly explained in thé vidéo. We would like to make the Bomber model, the one where the engine is hidden in the skull but are unable to find the video again. Our compliments! Giuseppe

    Great customer service

    This is a great product. Its fun to fly. The Powerup stopped working and the customer service was great getting it fixed.

    Ashley B.
    Awesome Gift

    I gifted the 3.0 plane to my husband for Father’s Day. It was simple to put together and he got the hang of flying it right away. It’s crazy what you can do with this paper airplane!

    William M.
    Happy camper (and customer)

    I have two PowerUp 3.0 modules delivered as part of the Kickstarter in August 2014. After five years of fun, and four Montreal winters of inactivity the batteries both died. This is in part because the PowerUp 75mAh LiPo batteries can sustain a high discharge (15C) but self-discharge when not used. I ordered the Hacker kit (with 2 Lipos, on sale) from the PowerUpToys web site, but then later was informed that the kit with batteries could no longer be shipped to Canada. In compensation, two batteries were mailed to me from Israel for US $7. Uri Nir has written excellent instructions: https://poweruptoys.zendesk.com/hc/en-us/articles/115005298006-How-To-Replace-A-POWERUP-3-0-Battery Disassembly and desoldering/soldering was surprisingly straightforward despite the tiny size. The module is nicely designed. The new batteries have a small 2-pin connector, which matches a 1.25mm PicoBlade socket. After unsoldering the old battery, I soldered on a connector socket. Despite much arranging, I was not able to get the new battery and the socket/plug to fit within the housing. So I cut off the connectors and soldered the wires together with some heatshrink. Note: these wires should be longer (~1.5 cm) than the original wires since the new battery fits best in the opposite orientation from the original. Both PowerUp 3.0 modules now perform as new!

    Great Research Tool

    I have established an aeronautics class for my middle school students who have learned the fundamentals of flight through the use of the system. I don't know what is more fun, watching the aircraft zip around or seeing the joy and sense of fulfillment by my students flying it. I think most people view this as a toy and not as the research tool that it can and should be used for. It is rugged and allows for ad-hoc design changes by the curious minds of youngsters. I would recommend 1.) reading the instructions on the use and 2.) Be patient as flight is an art! Once your students get the aircraft airborne the grin from ear to ear is worth the investment.

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