POWERUP 2.0: Paper Airplane Conversion Kit - Classroom kit

POWERUP 2.0: Paper Airplane Conversion Kit - Classroom kit

POWERUP 2.0  is the perfect gadget for STEM paper airplane competitions! Students fold the paper airplane, charge it up, and fly it! Who will go the furthest?

✔ Over 30 seconds of flight with just a 20 second charge.
✔ Carbon fiber propeller shaft and ultra-tough rear propeller are virtually crash-proof.
✔ 2X sheets of printed high quality paper

 Full One Year Warrenty
 30 Days Money Back
 World-Wide Trackable Shipping

Easy instalation - specifically engineered to be so easy to install, it allows even an absolute beginner to build a beautiful, fully functional motorized paper plane effortlessly.

It doesn’t matter how old you are or what kind of experience you have in making paper planes, the POWERUP 2.0 Paper Airplane is designed to help complete beginners fly their first motorized paper airplane in minutes.

Durable carbon-fiber construction means you can enjoy peace of mind while flying.

Nylon reinforced nose and motor mount designed to withstand unexpected impacts without breaking.

Doesn’t require a license to operate or registration with the FAA.

1x POWERUP 2.0 motor

2x Paper plane templates

1x Spare Propeller Set

1x User Guide

Durable: Carbon fiber body and reinforced nylon motor mount designed to sustain endless crashes.

Super Capacitor Power:Will charge to full throttle in less than 20 seconds.

Weight: just 6.5 grams, total estimated weight including paper plane - 12 grams

Speed: up to 10mph (or 4.5m/sec)

Measurements: 8.6 in/ 220 mm long 

Flight time: over 30seconds of flight time

Charging time:20 seconds for a full charge

Product warranty:12 months

Works with:almost any paper plane that will fit the leingth of the module and any of the planes we recomend.

High-speed motor and propeller: more thrust, extra power

Have questions about the 2.0? We’ve got the answers.

The POWERUP2.0Paper Airplane Conversion Kit transforms your plain old paper planes into flying machine that can easily shatter the world record for the longest time any paper plane has ever stayed airborne.

The kit includes templates and how to folding tips. For a successful flight please follow the step-by-step instructions. Be sure to trim the plane before you launch. For best results, launch on a calm day with no wind.

Yes. the 2.0 is powerful enough to fly all kinds of models.

With a fresh battery pack and proper trimming of your airplane could easily exceed a flight time of 30 seconds.

We designed the POWERUP module to survive most crashes. It’s made with durable carbon fiber rods and reinforced nylon plastic with fiberglass. Still though… no machine is unbreakable. If you run your plane into a wall - repeatedly - your POWERUP may sustain some damage. That’s why we recommend trying to land on something soft - like the grass in your local park. 

The POWERUP 2.0 is designed to fly in circles, typically it will fly around you. We highly recomend to fly in a large grassy field with a diameter of around 200 feet or more. This will be usefull if you fly in light windy conditions which may cause the plane to drift while in the air.

For the smoothest flights, aim for clear, sunny, calm windless days.

No. The FAA only requires registration for drones that weigh 0.5 lb/ 250 grams or more.The POWERUP 2.0 weighs less than 12 grams. 

You can return an unused product within 30 days of purchase. 

We provide a full 1 year warranty on all parts except for the propellers.