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You can return an unused product within 30 days of purchase. We provide a full 1 year warranty on all parts aside the propellers and batteries. Battery warranty - 6 months from order. 

The POWERUP modules are made of durable material: Carbon fiber rods, Nylon reinforced with glass fiber and Polypropylene plastics and a rubber bumper. It can withstand some impressive crashes. Having said that, no flying machine is unbreakable. Flying on a soft surface will prolong the POWERUP modules life. Spare parts for repair and maintenance are available separatly. Paper wing damaged ? just fold a new one.

Only POWERUP 3.0 is controlled by an app on your smartphone. The airplane is connected to the smartphone via Bluetooth. Ascending & descending is achieved by increasing or decreasing the propeller speed, by sliding the throttle on the screen up or down. Steering is done by a rudder, tilting the phone right or left will tilt the rudder and steer the airplane.

Any iOS and Android devices that have Bluetooth 4.0 and a gyro will do. POWERUP 2.0 does not require a phone since it is not controlled.

POWERUP 3.0 lets you take a part in the magic of flying, constructing your very own aircraft. A new pilot will need to take some time learning to trim and adjust the paper airplane in order to achieve a balanced airplane and precise control.  The more you fly, the better you get. 

PowerUp 2.0 will convert you paper airplane into a Free Flight electric paper airplane with a flight time over 30 seconds

PowerUp 3.0 is smartphone controlled with a flight time up to 10 minutes.

As they say "Play is a powerful teacher" You don't need to be a rocket scientist to give your kids a strong foundation in aeronautics. Crafting your plane from a sheet of paper, adjusting it for a perfect flight and controlling it provides a challenging yet fulfilling educational experience.

No need to register, POWERUP 3.0 weight is less than 0.53 oz/15 grams, the FAA requires registration for drones that weigh 0.5 lb/250 grams or more.

POWERUP 3.0 is designed to cut power once the airplane loses communication, this is typically in the range up to 200 feet.  POWERUP 2.0 is not controlled but will usually fly in circles around you until it lands. We highly recommend to avoid flying on windy days. Wind  may carry away your airplane until it lands. Also avoid flying next to trees and buildings.

For the best experience and precise and smooth flight maneuvers it is best to fly on a non-windy day, alternatively a closed space like a gym or atrium is ideal. 

Yes you can. POWERUP 3.0 is much more fun to fly with friends. Try a dog fight or coordinated aerobatic formation. The Bluetooth signal does not interfere, you can fly as many Darts as you like together.