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Tornado Updraft 12

POWERUP 4.0 Powered Balsa Wood Kit - a Classic Self Build High Quality / High Performance

The Best Holiday Gift to Give & Get this Year!
✓ Simple to fly with autopilot & gyro stabilizer.
✓ Up to 10 minutes of flight time.
✓ iPhone / Android Devices & Tables compatable.
✓ Perfect for flight lovers, DIY & crafting enthusiasts

 Full One Year Warranty
 30 Days Money Back
 World-Wide Trackable Shipping

We Ship To Over 190 Countries!

You can return an unused product within 30 days of purchase. We provide a full 1 year warranty on all parts aside the propellers.

The POWERUP modules are made of durable material: Carbon fiber rods, Nylon reinforced with glass fiber. They It can withstand some impressive crashes. Having said that, no flying machine is unbreakable. Flying on a soft surface will prolong the POWERUP modules life. A spare propeller for repairing a damaged one is included in the box. Paper wing damaged ? just fold a new one.

Only POWERUP 3.0 and 4.0 are controlled by an app on your smartphone. The airplane is connected to the smartphone via Bluetooth. Ascending & descending is achieved by increasing or decreasing the propeller speed, by sliding the throttle on the screen up or down. Steering is done by a rudder, tilting the phone right or left will tilt the rudder and steer the airplane.

No need to register, all POWERUP modules weigh less than 0.42 oz/12 grams, the FAA requires registration for drones that weigh 0.5 lb/250 grams or more.

POWERUP 2.0 is not controlled but will usually fly in circles around you until it lands. We highly recommend to avoid flying on windy days. Wind  may carry away your airplane until it lands. Also avoid flying next to trees and buildings.

For the best experience and precise and smooth flight maneuvers it is best to fly on a non-windy day, alternatively a closed space like a gym or atrium is ideal. 

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    United Kingdom United Kingdom
    I recommend this product

    This is a seriously good bit of fun!

    I can't tell you how amazing Powerup 4.0 is. I am now two months into owning one and it never fails to disappoint. I have used both the foam F22 glider from Flitetest and the Tornado Balsa Model from Nighthawk gliders. It took me a while to get used to the controls - my first Nighthawk glider was splintered so many ways when I was starting out. I snapped the fuselage, broke off the wings etc. But a bit of glue sorted it out and even though there was asymmetry after all the repairs, the Powerup 4 flight computer handled it fine. To begin with, I was happy with a 30 second flight. Then a minute became the benchmark, and now, I can comfortably stay aloft for the entire time of a full charge and can even manage the power to extend the duration of the flight. I am now at the point where I am fine tuning the plane's flight settings within the app to improve flight cjaracteristics. After many crashes, I decided to build a balsa Tornado Glider using the template that accompanies the laser cut model (as well as some balsa sheets from the internet). It flies fantastically well and better balanced than the first. My children (10 and 11) are both able to handle the controls comfortably and I think this highlights the success of this amazing piece of kit. Be sure to fly on a still day or with winds in single figures for the best results. I honestly love this - it is robust enough to take crashes, not so expensive that you daren't risk flying it and has me checking out the nearby wind turbines the moment I get home for wind speed and direction. The next step is model paper planes. I can't wait.

    POWERUP Toys Tornado Updraft 12 - Balsa Airplane Kit Review

    POWERUP Toys

    Hey Ben Awesome sharing thanks! What model paper planes did you have in mind to build?

    Steve K.
    United States United States
    I recommend this product

    Great fun. I'm flying!

    I wanted to try flying RC model planes for quite a while but the cost, need for large spaces, and possible loss due to crashes kind of scared me off. Then I found the PowerUp modules. Now, I'm flying paper airplanes and balsa gliders under radio control from an app on my smart phone. I'm flying them in a field about the size of two soccer fields. With a little more practice I could probably fly it in a smaller space, but it is fun watching the plane take nice wide turns and covering more territory. The PowerUp 4.0 module has a mode for beginners (like me) that makes the plane very stable while still giving you control over turning, speed, and altitude. I needed a couple of practice runs to get the hang of it, but it didn't take long for me to be having nice flights. I am flying balsa gliders now and I plan to try some other configurations in the near future. Use the instructional videos to fold the plane and to learn how to use the app. The website is very helpful and the PowerUp folks have been very good at answering my emails. If you want to try some radio control flying for fun, this is a great place to start.

    POWERUP Toys Tornado Updraft 12 - Balsa Airplane Kit ReviewPOWERUP Toys Tornado Updraft 12 - Balsa Airplane Kit Review
    Sammy P.
    Australia Australia
    I recommend this product

    Having a ball with this little beauty. Just married it up to the fold and fly kit. Attached it to a balsa throw glider as well. Great fun, well worth the money spent... Mini foam planes are coming up.

    POWERUP Toys Tornado Updraft 12 - Balsa Airplane Kit Review
    Mark D.

    Love it!

    The PowerUp 4.0 is by far the best PowerUp yet! I have been having a blast building different airframes to fly! While paper airplanes are fun, where this unit really shines is in building your own foam and balsa airplanes and sending them into the air! With the built in stabilization, it seems like you really can make just about anything fly! I love it and highly recommend the PowerUp 4.0!

    POWERUP Toys

    Hey Mark Thank you so much for the awesome feedback - POWERUP 4.0 can definitely make almost anything fly, we even made a maple leaf fly today!