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POWERUP FPV - Energy Pack

Important: Energy Pack is only available in the US & EU

Each Energy Pack contains:

  • 1x Multi battery charger
  • 3x Battery - Parrot original 550 mAh Lipo

Multi-battery charger: 

Remove the hassle of charging and enjoy an ultra long POWERUP FPV flight experience. Save time and charge up to 4x  550 mAh Lipo original Parrot® batteries all at once in less than 90 minutes!

  • 1 X battery charger that can charge up to 4 batteries in one time 
  • Use only with a 2A wall adapter
  • USB cable - not included

550 mAh Battery:

Good for up to 10 minutes of flight time with POWERUP FPV.
This battery provides the best safety and performance compared to any other compatible battery.

  • 3xBattery - Parrot® original 550 mAh Lipo