PowerUp 2.0 - Electric Paper Airplane

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Fold It!

The PowerUp module will fit on almost any airplane design. Here are instructions to building the Nakamuru Lock paper airplane that we find simple and effective. Give it a try, or choose from some of our other paper plane models on from the DOWNLOAD tab

For additional tips on folding and adjusting your airplane, check out our videos here.

Attach the PowerUp module securely to the nose of your plane.

Using your scissors cut the elevators and rudder tabs on the back of the airplane. This will help control the aircraft’s movement up and down, left and right.

Charge It!

Start Your Engine!
Insert the charger’s nose into the front receptacle of the PowerUp module, the propeller will start rotating instantaneously.

Launch It!

Ready for Takeoff!
Charge the PowerUp for up to 20 seconds and let ‘er rip. Once you get the hang of it, take a video and share your best flight with us on Facebook.

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We hope you have a safe and pleasant flight!

PowerUp FAQ

1) How to replace a propeller on the PowerUp?
Sometimes flying on hard surfaces may cause the rear propeller to fall off. If this happens, please refer to the instructions - how to install a propeller , Installing incorrectly may result in poor performance or even damage the module entirely.
2)What is the difference between PowerUp 1.0  PowerUp 2.0 and PowerUp 3.0?

PowerUp 2.0  has replaced the  tired powerUp 1.0 which is not produced and sold any more. PowerUp 2.0 will convert you paper airplane into a Free Flight electric paper airplane.
PowerUp 3.0 is our recently unveiled smartphone control module which will convert you homemade paper airplane to a controllable  paper airplane. You can preorder this item on Kickstarter.


2) How do I get over 30 seconds of flight time?

As mom and dad always say… Practice makes perfect! If you’re a pro at throwing paper planes, the PowerUp should only amplify your skills. If you’ve never learned to properly throw a paper plane, however, it may take a little practice. Always remember, your plane should be able to fly well on its own before adding the PowerUp module, so if you’re new to flying paper planes, practice throwing one on its own first. For help, watch this video [link, optional]. Once you’ve mastered that, test out different wing sizes and airplane designs to see what works best for you. It’s the little adjustments that make all the difference!

3) Can I try the PowerUp module on different paper airplane styles, or only the design provided in the instructions?

At PowerUp, we strongly encourage experimentation, and part of the fun is tweaking your airplane designs to achieve the best results. You can check out some recommended styles in our Download gallery [link], or create original designs and share your success with us on Facebook [link]! Keep in mind that not every style of paper plane works with the PowerUp module – the plane cannot exceed 8 inches in length, and there must be a crease down the center to attach your PowerUp module. And of course, PowerUp can only enhance your paper plane’s capabilities if it is able to fly well on its own.

4) How durable is the PowerUp? Is it waterproof?

The PowerUp module is made of a highly durable carbon fiber composite, so it will not break with normal use. But that does not mean it is indestructible! Make sure to fly in open fields to avoid crashing into trees, concrete, or anything potentially damaging. The PowerUp is not waterproof… but neither are paper planes!

5) Is it possible to purchase replacement parts?

You can order complete products only at this time.

6) How many charges can I get out of one set of batteries?

One set of batteries will provide over fifty fully charged flights, but you must wait two minutes in between charges. Never use old or rechargeable batteries.

7) Does the PowerUp kit include paper planes?

None of the PowerUp kits include a paper plane – it is up to you to design your aircraft! The basic PowerUp kit includes instructions on how to create a simple paper plane ideal for the PowerUp module, but no paper is included (except, or course, the instruction sheet). The full PowerUp kit includes twelve sheets of paper with four distinct airplane designs for you to experiment with. You can find additional instructions and designs in our Download gallery [link, or is it the “Getting Started” tab?].

Still have questions? Ask us on Facebook, or email Shai – the creator of PowerUp toys – at info@tailortoys.com He knows a thing or two about this stuff.


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